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Rated 5 / 5 stars

ok, tight battle guys an sick beat.

im enjoyin RJAs sound, an he had a good first round, but so did EQ - I feel both artists coulda hit a bit harder in some of the lines - but all in all the first verses in comparrison were close. now...when it comes to the second verse, I feel RJA fell off from the battle mode he held in the first, maybe he was tryin to flip more lines, but I personally dont feel like it worked out as well as it coulda for him - or maybe Im jus on the bump of the first 2 verses an it wasnt holdin weight. . . tho EQ I feel held his game up an had a more successful attack mode --

so with that Ima have to say this one goes to EQ

good job guys.

Cockupy Newgrounds! Cockupy Newgrounds!

Rated 4.5 / 5 stars


your gettin a 8.5 but ima round it to 9 jus for the loud ass vocals wher im uppin an lowerin the volume. . anywho - pretty funny animations in this, so that gets the votes. - good job for everything sides the audio, lol. Madflows vocals wer prob the most tolerable in this which im sure is the idea of in yo face spammin shit you wer portrayin with the high vocal. ... anyway good job for the most part.!

pretty funny,

thespammer responds:

My retartded vocals are intended to be retard for an reason
and thnx u! :D